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Spirit Fall
- City Harvest Church

I feel You Tugging at me
A voice that whispers inside of me
"Come away, come away with Me"
Stir the flames alive
Breathe life into these bones of mine
Rekindle hope
My soul revive
Send Your mighty wind
Renew this life within

Spirit of God fall down
Fall with Your fire and power from high
Ignite in me again
Our hearts live in your name
Spirit of God fall down
Pour as Your rain revive us now
Restore our lives and quench these thirsty souls
Live in us now, live in us now

Hand of God divine
Touch my being
Come and anoint
Your word brings life, Your word brings life

Breathe on us
Breathe on us
Breathe on us
Breathe of God
With fire and power
Move in us today